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A Hot Sauce Co. started as a small personal kitchen project. There was a desire for something better than just your "run of the mill" store sauces. The idea & goal was to make fresh sauces, that would re-create the international travel flavors we had been so lucky to experience.

That's when Austin and Jay took to the kitchen and shortly thereafter introduced our newest creations to family and friends to rave reviews.  Suddenly they knew they had created something special, & A Hot Sauce Co. was born.

Both Austin and Jay have a passion for bringing artisanal, Food-Focused, Flavor- Driven micro-batch hot sauces to life, for your taste buds to enjoy. Each bottle is made and packaged with a lot of love & customer satisfaction in mind. We are Vegan Friendly, and ALL our sauces are Gluten Free. 

Say goodbye to dull, generic sauces you can find in any store.  Choosing  A Hot Sauce Co. will add a twist of fresh flavor and heat to any meal. Each sauce is packed with a special blend of clean all-natural ingredients, that deliver distinctive pops of culinary character.   Our Sauces range from Mild to Hot and they are all Vegan friendly. Try each one and discover how  A Hot Sauce Co. sauces liven and enhance every meal.  

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